I love to sit in front of a blank canvas or paper and start bringing out what I see there, the images just appear and the characters come into life, sometimes it is form that leads and other times it is color. Form and color communicate in images what cannot be spoken with words. I like to create lines that dance and move easily and dynamically, creating forms that share beauty and mystery.

Art to me is the language of the Psyche. A lot of my images have unfolded from the unseen world of the archetype, the world of fantasy, ideals and spirituality. I’ve been a seeker since childhood but believe God is beyond religion, beyond labels and limitations. Nevertheless that spirit of the Truth flows wonderfully through some of  those beings that have been the focus of traditional religions, higher beings that we hear about in accounts about their thoughts and actions, and we get to know them through our heart.

When I paint angels I am painting the archetype of what we can all be or become, what the heart sees. Some of my angels have swords or bow and arrows, but I think that the only battle worth joining might be the inner battle, the one worth winning…. then the world transforms…

My love for art started when I was a child and used to paint along with my grandfather, who was a classical painter trained at La Sorbonne in Paris, I learned to paint from watching him. I instinctively knew how to mix colors and how to create all colors from the primary colors.

Aside from paintings, drawings, murals and decorative frescoes, I have done prints, calligraphy, jewelry and also masks, costumes and set design for theatre. My art emerges naturally as an expression of the spirit.
Mirabai Hayward is a fine artist with art in private international collections as well as many murals in private and public spaces in the Los Angeles area. Mirabai lives with her husband on the shores of Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada, where she paints and does exhibits around the Muskoka area.